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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be replaced by one of the following.

Reasons for replacing missing teeth

  1. To chew properly and therefore get better nutrition
  1. To prevent other teeth from breaking as there are lesser teeth doing the job for all the teeth that should have been present
  1. To prevent other teeth moving and changing your bite and therefore causing long term jaw joint problems and head aches

    Why Replace Missing Teeth

There are a number of alternatives for replacing missing teeth

1. Dental Implants

These are the best option to natural teeth! In addition to the general advantages of replacing a tooth, treatment with dental implants spares adjacent teeth and prevents further bone atrophy

2. Bridges

Bridges restore appearance and function and are permanently fixed in position. In cases where adjacent teeth are heavily filled, or need crowns, a bridge may be the most sensible treatment option

3. Removable Prostheses (Denture)

The cheapest alternative for replacing a number of missing teeth!

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