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Missing Teeth

Old Fillings, Decay and Broken Teeth

If you have old filling that are more than 10 years old you should consider replacing them.

The reason for replacing the metal fillings are

  • Toth fractures can happen with the expansion of metal fillings with hot and cold foods leading to leaking and further decay.  
  • They leak over a time therefore causing decay and infections leading to pain.


white fillings before & after

white fillings before & after

white fillings before & after

By replacing the old fillings you are increasing the chances of survival of the tooth long term.

There are three ways you can restore your teeth back to health.

1. Composite (plastic) fillings  -  these are generally done in smaller cavities. In larger cavities they are not as strong and tend to fracture within a short period of time.

2. Ceramic inlays (porcelain)  -  When you lose 40% of your tooth due to a cavity, you loose 90% of its strength. To strengthen the tooth in this situation you need to place a ceramic filling which is much stronger. It requires two visits to do this restoration.

3. Crowns  -  When you have lost quite a considerable amount of tooth you restore it with a crown to protect it from fracturing in the future.


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