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Missing Teeth

Single Missing Tooth

When both the tooth and root are damaged, the best permanent replacement is a dental implant in conjunction with a crown. This solution both looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

Single Missing Tooth

Course of Treatment

1: Before the procedure

Before the procedure

We first examine and take one or more x-rays of the area to prepare for the procedure. Sometimes a CT scan is required to see the thickness of the bone available for the placement of the implant

2: Placing the implant

Placing the implant

The implant is placed and a temporary tooth is provided that allows you eat and function like normal almost immediately. The implant will need a few months to integrate with the jawbone before the next step is taken.

3: Attaching the new crown

Attaching the new crown

4: End result

: End result

You should expect the new tooth to fit and function just like a natural tooth. Do your usual dental hygiene to keep the tooth and gum around it clean and healthy.

Alternatives to Implants

1. Tooth-supported bridge

A traditional bridge involves grinding down adjacent teeth to support the bridge. It is a stable solution with good aesthetics and function that is fairly easy to install. However, this alternative has two main disadvantages: continuous bone resorbtion in the edentulous area, and sacrificing healthy teeth on behalf of the bridge.

Tooth-supported bridge

2. Removable partial denture

This is not a permanent alternative to a lost tooth. It is unstable and loosely attached, which affects both function and comfort. A removable partial denture is made of plastic - a material that can't create the same aesthetic result as a ceramic crown. The benefits are few but do exist: adjacent teeth aren't affected. It is easily and quickly installed and relatively cheap.

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